About Young Arab Voices

Following historic events in the region, Arab societies are facing common challenges related to building democratic and pluralistic communities and promoting public voice. Through consultation and needs assessment, three key needs have been identified for young people in terms of supporting freedom of expression:

  • to increase young people’s skills for public debate
  • to provide platforms for youth from diverse backgrounds to meet and exchange views
  • to provide targeted support for young bloggers in terms of outreach work at the grass-root level, enabling them to bridging the gap between virtual and public space

The ‘Young Arab Voices’ is a regional project, jointly launched by the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation, aims at developing skills and opportunities for youth-led debate across the Arab region.

The Young Arab Voices regional programme , since its launch in 2011, aims at providing opportunities, tools, and capacity building for the involvement of youth in running and managing effective debates for the purpose of enriching the pluralistic democratic dialogue existing in the Arab world.

The programme depends on establishing partnerships with the education sector, as well as the civil society sector; from NGOs, youth groups, culture centres, schools and universities, as well as the concerned ministries in the targeted countries: Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

The 'Young Arab Voices' regional project is working on creating and facilitating:

1. A programme of youth debates and exchange across targeted countries which will consist of the setting up of debating clubs, to be sustained through the network of trained facilitators, and the mobilization and organization of debating forums involving diverse young people.

2. A regional resource network and a set of training tools for facilitating further debate which will provide a platform of support to debate clubs being developed in the targeted countries, as well as a platform of exchange for facilitators to share good practice and offer peer-to-peer support. The training tools will be produced by adapting existing support materials and training modules in terms of language (Arabic) and content (cultural relevance). 

The ‘Young Arab Voices’ regional project is jointly managed by the British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation and co-financed by both the European Union and the UK government’s Arab Partnership Initiative (2011 - 2014).

British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations. The British Council works on creating international opportunities for the people of the UK and other countries and build trust between them worldwide in the fields of arts, education and English. For more information, please visit: www.britishcouncil.org

Anna Lindh Foundation

Anna Lindh Foundation is a unique institution, established in 2005 and shared by the forty-three countries of the Union for the Mediterranean, with a mandate to promote intercultural dialogue and cross-cultural understanding between people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds across the Mediterranean, bringing together more than 3000 social actors who share the values of the Foundation. For further information, log on to: www.euromedalex.org

Arab Partnership Initiative

The Arab Partnership Initiative of the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office aims at achieving the UK’s long term goal of a stable and prosperous Middle East and North Africa region based on the building blocks of democracy, with greater economic, social and political participation of its people.