The Voice of Youth in Redefining Arab Identities

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 17:30
Debate Club(s): 
National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat
Mr André Azoulay, Mr Martin Rose, and Mr Rachid Belmokhtar,
Contact Details: 
Sarah Zaaimi

’Young Arab Voices’’ chose the Kingdom of Morocco to launch the second year of its activities for the importance of the country and the dynamism of its civil society and youth. The launching debate which will take place in Rabat, the Moroccan capital, on the 10th of September at 6:30pm in the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, and will be under the title ‘’The Voice of Youth in Redefining Arab Identities’’, a theme that is translating the essence of the project, that aims at empowering the young Arab voices and offering them spaces to be heard.

The launching debate will bring together all of the President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and the advisor of his Majesty the King of Morocco Mr André Azoulay, the Director of the British Council in Morocco, Mr Martin Rose, along with the renowned expert and President of the National Observatory of Human Development Mr Rachid Belmokhtar, in order to debate for more than one hour with 6 outstanding youth from the 6 programme countries.

After a successful first year, in which the project mobilised more than 35.000 youth in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan, the project is expending to include three other very important countries which witnessed socio-political changes and a youthfulspringbreeze: Morocco, Libya, and Algeria. The project also aims at creating both a national dynamic by running national debates, but also a regional dynamic through the exchange of experiences and skills during regional activities.

‘’Young Arab Voices’’ programme which aims at engaging more than 6000 youth in Morocco for 2012 – 2013 by organising public debates in different Moroccan cities through its 5 national hubs and their 50 partners, will give a taste of debate to the Moroccan public during the launching debate in Rabat in front of the Minister of Youth and Sport, the Secretary of State in Foreign Affairs and many other important personalities, civil society representatives, journalists and diplomats.

In order to convey the voice of youth to a larger audience, ‘’Young Arab Voices’’ chose France 24 as an exclusive media partner in order to cover the event in 3 languages and moderate the debate between the VIPs and the 6 participating youths. The event will also be covered by national and regional media and will have an online dimension to reach out for youth beyond the event.

The event will start by keynote speeches by the Minister of Youth and Sport for the youth dimension, The Secretary of State in Foreign Affairs for the regional and Euro-Mediterranean dimension. A short educational animated cartoon produced by WIKI KIWIS will be presented to give an interactive picture about the meaning of debate and its necessity in the MENA region. In the middle of the debate, VoxPop videos will be presented to break from the discussions and to give the perspective of other youth who aren’t physically at the debate. This component of the event can be called ‘’Voices across the MENA’’ or a similar title. The opportunity will be given, before the conclusions, to the public to express itself by asking questions to the debaters or providing a short input about the subject of discussion.

The British Council Rabat will host a 1 day and half refresher training for the 6 young participants who will attend the debate on the 9th and 10th of September. The training will be assured by an expert trainer from IDEA who will try to coach the debaters on the topic and prepare them psychologically and methodologically to face the public on the day of the introductory debate.