"Policy Dialogue with the EU High-Representative for Foreign Affairs" An EU Initiative in association with Young Mediterranean Voices Brussels, 22-23 March 2017 Deadline to respond to this...
This call to Youth Sector representatives from the Southern Mediterranean region, run in association with "Young Arab Voices", is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by the...
There are some 300 million young people in the Middle East and North Africa. Tens of millions of them have no jobs, no opportunities, and no voice. This represents an enormous challenge – but also a...
Because evidence and research based debate skills among youth are very important in enriching pluralistic and democratic dialogue among youth, the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Lebanon...
Cairo 15 April 2016 – For the first time since the launch of the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Egypt in 2011, and after a series of successful local debate tournaments, Cairo hosts the 1st...

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Youth detachment from traditional media outlets must be addressed, according to new study

New research has revealed how the lack of representation in print and broadcast media is exacerbating youth exclusion from national discourse and debate.

Tunisian Education Ministry enters new partnership to embed debate in the curriculum

“Young Arab Voices” programme ambassadors from Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia had the opportunity to meet with the Tunisian Minister of Education to exchange ideas on proposals to embed debate in the national curricula.

Statement at the close of the Young Arab Voices "Debate to Action" Regional Forum in Tunisia

The following statement was delivered today by alumni of the Young Arab Voices debate programme at the close of a landmark regional forum taking place in Tunis, Tunisia:

Pioneering ‘Debate to Action’ research exposes the potential of youth dialogue and creative enterprise to challenge extremist narratives

More than 100 emerging youth leaders came together this week in Tunis for the Young Arab Voices ‘Debate to Action’ Regional Forum, featuring a series of regional debates and training sessions over the course of the three-day event.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner joins Young Arab Voices in calling for a new dialogue with Europe

Wided Bouchamaoui, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with the Tunisian “Dialogue Quartet”, joined today in Tunis with young leaders from eight Arab countries in calling for opening up dialogue with Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.

La cinquième édition de «Tunisia Boxing Days» est organisée sous le thème «Le dialogue constructif, non pas l’intolérance»

Le British Council en Tunisie, en partenariat avec la Fondation Anna Lindh, organisent la cinquième édition de la compétition nationale « Tunisia Boxing Days ». La compétition se tiendra du 19 jusqu’au 22 mars à l’hôtel Le Palace à Tunis et l’institut « Fikr » au pôle technologique d’El Ghazela.