"Policy Dialogue with the EU High-Representative for Foreign Affairs" An EU Initiative in association with Young Mediterranean Voices Brussels, 22-23 March 2017 Deadline to respond to this...
This call to Youth Sector representatives from the Southern Mediterranean region, run in association with "Young Arab Voices", is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by the...
There are some 300 million young people in the Middle East and North Africa. Tens of millions of them have no jobs, no opportunities, and no voice. This represents an enormous challenge – but also a...
Because evidence and research based debate skills among youth are very important in enriching pluralistic and democratic dialogue among youth, the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Lebanon...
Cairo 15 April 2016 – For the first time since the launch of the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Egypt in 2011, and after a series of successful local debate tournaments, Cairo hosts the 1st...

Welcome to Young Arab Voices

Young Arab Voices organise its first Master Training of Trainers in Greece

For the first time, the Young Arab Voices (YAV) organises its first Master Training of Trainers in the Mediterranean city of Thessaloniki from 28 November to 2 December 2015. The training, which prepares for a new phase of the YAV programme (Intelaqa Jadida), gathers YAV best thirteen youth debate trainers from Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, with the aim to graduate YAV first batch of Debate Certified Master Trainers in the whole MENA region.

Anna Lindh Foundation Launches a Call for Proposals to Join Young Voices Programme

The Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the Euro-Mediterranean umbrella of the leading Young Arab Voices regional programme which is run in joint partnership with the British Council, invites civil society organisations of the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan to apply to the Call for Proposals Ref. ALF/ YMV_DC/2015/01. Deadline to apply: 29th December 2015.

IDEA: Debate brings Middle Eastern and British students together

Alex Helling (IDEA UK) - Two debates in the 16th century Old Court Room at Lincoln’s Inn on Friday morning brought debaters from the Middle East and UK together on topics of interest to both the UK and the Middle East. The debates, organised by IDEA UK, were part of the Young Arab Voices (YAV) project run by the British Council and Anna Lindh foundation which teaches debate to young people across the Middle East and North Africa.

Young people need an alternative path to beat ISIS, Young Arab Voices tell British politicians

“Unlike the typical terror organisation whose sole purpose is to destroy its target enemy, ISIS is already preparing for the day after their planned victory when they will be required to build a new society.”

Young Arab Voices Get a Spotlight at Capacity4Change Meeting in Brussels

Young Arab Voices programme gets a spotlight as an innovative approach for supporting youth voices and tackling societal and intergenerational issues in the southern countries of the European Neighbourhood Policy at the upcoming Capacity4Change meeting in Brussels.

UK Young Arab Voices Week 2015: A Series of Thought Provoking and Intriguing Debates in London with UK Policy Makers and Youth

Youth debaters from the leading debate programme in the MENA region, Young Arab Voices, travel to London, UK from 26 to 31 October 2015 for the annual UK Young Arab Voices Week. The youth leaders will involve in a series of debate and dialogue activities across London with a number of top UK policy-makers, think-tank experts, as well as British youth, about the current topics of the hour.