"Policy Dialogue with the EU High-Representative for Foreign Affairs" An EU Initiative in association with Young Mediterranean Voices Brussels, 22-23 March 2017 Deadline to respond to this...
This call to Youth Sector representatives from the Southern Mediterranean region, run in association with "Young Arab Voices", is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by the...
There are some 300 million young people in the Middle East and North Africa. Tens of millions of them have no jobs, no opportunities, and no voice. This represents an enormous challenge – but also a...
Because evidence and research based debate skills among youth are very important in enriching pluralistic and democratic dialogue among youth, the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Lebanon...
Cairo 15 April 2016 – For the first time since the launch of the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Egypt in 2011, and after a series of successful local debate tournaments, Cairo hosts the 1st...

Welcome to Young Arab Voices

Young Arab Voices: Resisting Radicalisation (YAV at the Battle of Ideas Festival 2015)

For the second year consecutively, the Young Arab Voices programme takes part in the prestigeous Battle of Ideas Festival. YAV exclusively will have a public debate session on Saturday, 17th October 2015, at 16.00 until 17.15 at the Pit Theatre. This year, our group of YAV debaters will debate how youth can resist radicalisation.


The Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council announce their intend to scale-up Young Arab Voices

The British Council and the Anna Lindh Foundation, two leading international institutions working for intercultural relations across the Mediterranean, have announced their strategic intent to scale-up the flag-ship debate programme “Young Arab Vocies“ (YAV). The announcement took place at an event in Tunisia entitled ´Intelaqa Jadida’ – A New Start' with the participation of YAV partners, media and national institutions.

Anna Lindh Foundation and British Council launch a new phase of Young Arab Voices (2015 – 2018)

Marking the start of the new phase of the leading youth debate programme in the MENA region, the Young Arab Voices (YAV), Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council organise a one-day launch event titled Intelaqa Jadida (A New Start) on September 21st, 2015 in Tunis.

Alexandria hosts the National Young Arab Voices Debate Camp

Alexandria hosts and for four consecutive days the national debate camp for the Young Arab Voices programme in Egypt, starting from Friday, 11 September 2015.

A New Group of Debate Trainers Join the Young Arab Voices Regional Network

Another aspiring group of debate trainers from Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Egypt graduate and join the Young Arab Voices (YAV) regional network of trainers.

Watch the Film of YAV Egypt Week 2015

Watch now the short film that documented the YAV Egypt Week 2015. The Young Arab Voices regional programme organised its YAV Egypt Week 2015 in Cairo, between 5 to 8 March 2015. The agenda included a rich and powerful programme of activities, ranging from trainings, mini debate tournaments and debate-styled theatre workshop. The YAV Egypt Week brought together 25 young men and women from across the country.