"Policy Dialogue with the EU High-Representative for Foreign Affairs" An EU Initiative in association with Young Mediterranean Voices Brussels, 22-23 March 2017 Deadline to respond to this...
This call to Youth Sector representatives from the Southern Mediterranean region, run in association with "Young Arab Voices", is coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by the...
There are some 300 million young people in the Middle East and North Africa. Tens of millions of them have no jobs, no opportunities, and no voice. This represents an enormous challenge – but also a...
Because evidence and research based debate skills among youth are very important in enriching pluralistic and democratic dialogue among youth, the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Lebanon...
Cairo 15 April 2016 – For the first time since the launch of the Young Arab Voices programme (YAV) in Egypt in 2011, and after a series of successful local debate tournaments, Cairo hosts the 1st...

Welcome to Young Arab Voices

Feature Story: The Voices of Young Women

The fact that a woman can take part in a debate and can have the same amount of time as a man to express herself makes her voice equal to a man’s voice.” - Lilia, a participant in Young Arab Voices from Algeria

Morocco Debate Week: Celebrating two years achievements since the launch of Young Moroccan Voices Programme

Celebrating two years of achievements, the Young Moroccan Voices (YMV), launched in Morocco in 2014 jointly by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the British Council, is organising a week-long of debate and dialogue activities in Rabat from the 8th to the 10th of March 2014.

Debating: The Key to Changing Society for the Better

By Mariam Ghorbannejad - “Debating skills are key to changing society for the better,” said Ahmed Abdul Saboor, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University and one of the debaters at the latest public debate in the Young Arab Voices (YAV) programme at Al Sawy Culturewheel in Zamalek, Cairo on Tuesday 17th December. The motion of the debate was: We believe that volunteerism plays a vital role in promoting education, employment and fulfilling our basic needs.

Are you in favour of the Libyan constitution being written in a volatile environment?


Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 17:00

The British Council Libya invites you to attend the Young Arab Voices debate at the Radisson Blue Hotel on 6 February 2014, from 17:00-19:00.

Call for Nominations: YAV Debater of the Month

The Young Arab Voices Programme has been working with many exceptional young women and men in 6 countries in the MENA region since 2011. Each of them has been an ambassador to promote a culture of debate and dialogue in their communities. In this regard, we would to feature those young men and women in our newly website section; Debater of the Month, shedding the light on those future leaders. 

Feature: Debates become a key channel to involve Young Moroccans in policy discussions

Young Arab Voices (YAV) is promoting a culture of youth-led debate and dialogue in 6 countries in the MENA region since 2011. It has evolved to respond to the needs of young people and the local context in each of the countries where it operates.